Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt Repair and Asphalt Seal Coating in New Jersey

Is your asphalt driveway starting to breakup? Does it look worn out, cracks forming or starting to loose its colour? Call the New Jersey asphalt repair specialists for a free on site estimate on repairing your asphalt driveway.

Repair options on your asphalt range from overlays to patching and seal coating. The most effective asphalt repair option is cutting out the damaged area of your asphalt, hot patching new asphalt into it and seal coating the entire driveway area.

Asphalt seal coating is an industry approved standard of restoring colour and elasticity to your asphalt driveway again. Seal coated driveways are finished in a jet black colour and within a few hours are 100% safe to use again as a parking spot. Why replace your asphalt driveway when you can restore it for a fraction of the cost!

We hope that you choose Maloney Paving and Masonry as your New Jersey asphalt repair company. We are owner operated, and this means we strive for 100% satisfaction on each and every job! We are at your service for FREE estimates 7 days a week.

Asphalt Repairs New Jersey